About LPS Cambodia


Company Profile

LPS Cambodia Co., was established since 2010 as a trading and service company. Our primary activity is the wholesale trade of Lightning Protection and M&E materials and equipment to construction projects and all electrical shop in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Company’ Scope of Supply

LPS Cambodia Co., has such a wide scope of supply of Lightning Protection, Earthing Equipment, Electrical Products, Ventilation Equipment, Pump, Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Products.

Mission & Commitment

Our Mission is to supply the wide ranges of mechanical and electrical (M&E) products to projects in Cambodia. Our commitment is more toward on the supply of quality trusted products at competitive prices, ex-stock availability, and short delivery time, after sale service and materials consultation.

Our Products

    Nowadays, we are the Dealer Agent of Product Brand like:

    • ALLTEC            : Lightning Protection from USA
    • LIVA                   : Lightning Protection from Turkey
    • LEPS                   : Filter & Surge Protection from UK
    • SONO                : Electronics Surge Protection from Bulgaria
    • C&S                     : Electrical Low Voltage Components from India
    • FYM                     : Universal Switch Socket Outlet from Singapore
    • BCSCH               : Fire Alarm Equipment for Germany
    • SRI                         : Fire Fighting Equipment from Malaysia
    • SRI                         : Flow Control Equipment from Malaysia
    • EBERA                 : Water Pump, Fire Fighting Pump from Japan
    • PENTEX              : Water Pump, Fire Fighting Pump from Italy
    • KUMWELL        : Grounding Equipment from Thailand
    • SUN-LIGHT       : Grounding Equipment from China
    • ATATA                   : Insolation tube, tape from Vietnam
    • Stream Air          : Air Outlet, 4way Diffuser, Air Grille from Thailand
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